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Ideal for clean drilling with D25313 / 4 up to 16mm diameter
The most durable dust extraction system for SDS-plus Hammers
It works with its own independent motor enhancing the performance tool
2sec time delay function. for outstanding performance and efficient suction
The Hepa filter improves dust entrapment and ensures low levels of dust in the working environment air
The head adapter for twists allows drilling in small areas (min 42mm)
The brush head helps in the complete aspiration of the powder
Great professional carrying case
Spare parts brush
Adaptor head for difficult areas
Professional Carrying Case
Fits EL D25313K, D25314K Collar diameter 54 mm. Max. drill diameter 16 mm. Max. Diameter of a needle thousand. Max. length 210 mm drill. Max. Drilling depth 100 mm. Weight 1.6 kg Including drill 6mm and 8mm.
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